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Lady Friday: The Keys to the Kingdom - EVICTED! The Deep - EVICTED! Queen of Babble - EVICTED! Artemis Fowl and the Lost Colony - EVICTED! My So-Called Life: The Tragically Normal Diary of Rachel Riley Double or Die Heretic

The book you voted for!Lady Friday: The Keys to the Kingdom
Garth Nix


Friday is here and we’re in deadly peril. I’m Arthur and this week is just going from bad to terrible. Four of the seven Trustees have been defeated and lost their keys. Superior Saturday is causing bother and has turned off all the elevators in the House and blocked the Front Door. Now to top it all my mother is missing and Lady Friday has made me an offer I can’t refuse. I can’t decide what to do, is it a trap? Perhaps you should evict me, it might be the way out of this…

This book was evicted on 30 October 2007
(which means you can't vote for it!)

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